Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drummer Boy

In the continuing quest for musicality, we have arrived at the point where we need to address the needs of our son. N has been playing drums and his teacher mentioned that he is ready for the real deal. Not a complete drum set, which is probably in the stars at some point, but just a simple, basic snare drum. She mentioned you can occasionally find one at garage sales or in the classifieds. I was hoping she’d say that she had one we could use, but it wasn’t happening. I am glad that she feels he’s capable enough to pull it off, though, and it indicates to me that he’s genuinely interested and moving forward, a fact that she confirmed in her own words.

So, after getting A her guitar and piano accessories, we may very well have to disrupt the peace and serenity (what peace and serenity?) of our house and get a real drum. Yet another mission for stay at home dad to embark on, and more impetus to get the barn finished so we can have a place to house N’s drum set. I’m hoping he’ll stay interested, because I think it would be cool if he did. Part of that fun is getting your own instrument, but we can’t rush into this, it could cost me my life.

On a good vibe note, I saw the drum guy from Blue Mountain (very cool dude) and we talked drums, and he said they get used ones in and he'd keep an eye out for one for us. I love that place.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to jason aaberg for the pic.

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