Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting Ready for Spring

It seems like the last few weeks have been a marathon, and now that it’s over, we can start thinking about cruising into summer. Then again, we still have spring activities to consider, including the chorus and possibly spring sports.

The kids were initially up for doing tennis, but on further reflection, I’m not sure if we’re going to do it. Have to check in with CH and DE, but I think it might be better to just play on the home court in town. Also, if A does track and N does lacrosse, we won’t have time. Plus, they both will want to go golfing, which is a complete time drain and pretty much burns an entire day, not to mention the entire contents of my wallet.

If it’s a warm, and the recent warm weather portends a warm summer, then we’ll do lots of swimming, though the kids always want to go to the dam, and I personally don’t like the water there. N has been showing some interest in soccer, I think he’d be good at it, but whenever I ask, I get a big NO, which is fine. A also has karate, and she’ll be testing for her purple belt this time around.

With hockey cooling off (yeah, right), the kids can focus more on guitar/piano/drums. Now that N has his snare drum, he’s got more to work with, and I think his teacher said she has a drum set he can borrow. Talk about noisy. A also has her upcoming choral performance, for which she’s excited. Also, her guitar teacher arranges performances for his students, and she might get to do a solo if she’s inspired.

Finally, in what is truly a moment to celebrate, the ice will return to Union Arena during the summer and life can once again commence in a normal manner, because that means the return of hockey (pause until cheering subsides). How cool is that?

Then again, there are some who think I need to seek professional help. To them I would ask, "It's taken you that long to figure that out?"

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to davidyuweb for the pic.

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