Friday, March 30, 2012

Track and Field

A’s buddy is going to run track, and I asked A if she had any interest. She initially said no way, but when I explained that track involves more than just distance running, she became a little more interested. She’s always saying she’s more of a sprinter, and if anything, distance running is a completely different program (track vs. cross country).

The only reason I inquired is because she’s a decent runner in terms of speed. In fact, the other day they were playing tag, and she was “it,” and one of the boys was running away from her and she caught him, no problem. She’s a bit of a speedster, and it might be a fun activity for her. Plus, since hockey is what life is all about, it would help her stay fit for the season next fall. You can never plan too much for hockey, right?

We’ll see where this goes, stay tuned for more. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to CameraGirlUSA for the pic.

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