Monday, June 30, 2014

Back to the Barn

We have returned our attention back to the barn, and it's been slow going just to get the ball rolling again, but things are moving along. The primary goal is to get those darn dormers done, which like everything in life is easier said than done because it requires working on the roof, and standing on a metal roof for any period of time is tricky and daunting. I still look up at the dormers in disbelief that I somehow managed to put that fascia in. How exactly did I pull that off? Granted, it was much easier with a shingled roof because I could nail in a platform, which I can't do with a metal roof. Oh well, with greater challenge come greater reward, right? Whatever.

I ran into complications from the get-go with the construction on a number of levels. First off, the barn is a mess, and some cleaning needed to be done. R took command of that one and did some organizing, and N and I did a fair amount of preliminary stuff a few weeks back. This meant that my beautiful organizing system (i.e., complete chaos) was compromised and I had to spend a few minutes finding all my tools. I then had to get supplies, and as usual, that's when the fun began. I can only fit so many tons of lumber in the back of our car, and I need to get plywood for the soffit. The wood comes in 4X8 sheets, which requires delivery or the use of a truck, which we do not have.

(Sound of fanfare) Enter my Mentor, who as usual, saved the day. I don't know what I'd do without him, other than cease to train being a real-man. He told me to order the wood by phone and he'd swing by and pick it up. It was a good opportunity to catch up with him and get some tips on building the barn. I always take advantage of every opportunity to pick his mind, he's a fountain of manly wisdom, especially when it comes to building.

Best of all, after he left, I realized I got the wrong plywood, which meant that I needed his truck again. I racked my brain to think of someone nearby who would be willing to lend me their truck so I didn't have to bother my Mentor again, but all other options would have meant a delay of at least a couple of days, and we needed to get the ball rolling immediately. No time like the present when you're learning to be a real man. I wrestled with it before breaking down and calling him back, and as usual, he was happy to help, even if I felt guilty. I arranged to borrow his truck this time, and things worked out fine. I got the wood I needed, and went to work immediately measuring and cutting the pieces.

The work is a little tricky because I tend to do a rough job at first, and then fine tune it before I finish. Remember, I'm a framer, not a cabinet maker. Normally this is not a problem, except that I was on the roof, which required going up and down a ladder, not to mention doing battle with the all the wasps and hornets that love to make their nests in the rafters. Factor in the hot sun beating down on me, and it's like a party up there. Who said training to be a real man wasn't fun?

I have to thank HH for letting me use her nail gun and compressor, which makes putting a soffit a lot easier. As a former contractor, she's also a good source of advice.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ken Thomann for the pic.

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