Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting My Act Together

We always seem to run out of kindling, and by the late middle of winter, I'm scrambling to find pieces of wood to split and burn. Like always, I have a grand plan to account for this, but it usually falls a bit short. This year, however, I actually got it done and even have a contingency plan. There are four trash bins that I use to hold kindling, and the assumption is that when they are full, that's about a year's worth of kindling. Not quite, but it sure sounds good on paper. I've never really filled them properly, and have large piles of un-split wood on the basement floor that I'm sure R is not so keen about.

This year I've actually managed to fill all of the bins, and then some. I'm storing numerous blocks of hardwood that are in the basement. The plan is that when the bins are depleted, I can simply split the blocks into kindling and refill the bins. Plus, if we are in a pinch and need wood, I could always just toss them into the stove because they're hardwood. Is that brilliant, or what? Before I get too smug, I should mention that it's not always so easy to make kindling from hardwood blocks, and takes a little more time and muscle. I try to choose an easy splitting wood like ash or beech, but it's doable. I'm also for the first time storing some split wood in the basement for emergency purposes. Every now and then when it is late at night or there is freezing rain outside and the wood box is low or empty. The last thing you want to do is go outside and get wood, so now we have an emergency ration. I love when I'm organized, or rather, diligent enough to implement a plan.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mick for the pic. 

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