Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hazardous Waste Social

Last weekend was hazardous waste disposal, which only comes around twice a year. The state collects hazardous waste at no cost, I think because they would rather take it off our hands than risk having us toss it into the environment, which is a good thing. I remember as a kid in California people, including my dad, would discard motor oil in the yard or into the sewer, where it would end up in the ocean. Shameful. That attitude has changed today, but there are still plenty of people who toss their garbage out the window of their car. We see it all along our road, so we know. I'm sure that if you made it hard enough, people would dump their waste in the Connecticut River.

Either way, I usually end up with a gasoline leftover from my chainsaw and lawn-mowing exploits. Now I've been told repeatedly that you don't want to keep gas lying around for more than 30 days. I'm not sure who adheres to this, and it seems that if you make a living using this equipment, it wouldn't be an issue because you're constantly using up your gas. For someone like me, a real-man in training, I often fill a gas can around the end of summer and by the time fall rolls around, I don't need to use my chainsaw or lawnmower. I guess in the old days people would just pour the gas on the ground and light it. I deduced this from the number of old-timers who suggested I do this. I opted to bring it to hazardous waste.

This only comes around twice a year, and since it applies to everyone in the state, they all come, as well. Consequently, I see plenty of people I know, including old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Kind of funny that the only time we connect is when we're disposing of hazardous waste. Then again, I might never see them if not for that. Another good reason to look out for the environment.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to the City of Stillwater for the pic.

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