Friday, June 6, 2014

Chainsaw Mania

I finished cutting the woodpile and am in the process of splitting and stacking it, but I'm not quite ready to shelve the chainsaw. I was stoked at the timing of it all because just as the saw was running out of gas, I finished cutting the log length wood. I figured I would drain the tank, run it dry, and store it in the basement until we receive our next load. However, there are several areas of our property that need tree clearing, and I figured the time had come to deal with it.

There is an area behind the garden shed that has been overrun by sumac, and some of the trees are 20 feet high. Even though sumac is a soft wood, I went at them with the chainsaw and cut them all down. I still need to clear them out, but it felt good to finally get started on this project. I also went behind the garden and cleared out a bunch of pines, some of which again are about 20 feet high. R got the ball rolling but going back there and clearing out invasive vines and bushes, not to mention thorny weeds. She did an amazing job, but some of the bushes and trees, including honeysuckle and pine, were too thick. The plot looks a lot nicer, you can actually see it being used for something.

Feeling empowered, I'm going to keep the chainsaw gassed up for at least another month while I try to tackle landscape improvement. I need to clear out some saplings all around the property, and who knows where I'll go from there.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Len Matthews for the pic.

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