Monday, June 9, 2014

One Down, How Many to Go?

We had our first market last week and it went fine, even though I was dreading it like nothing else. I really could not wrap my mind around the fact that we were doing it, and we put things off until the zero hour, which always aggravates the situation. When market time came, we were scrambling a bit to find our footing and remember how things went, but it wasn't too painful.

The weather worked out in our favor, despite the forecast. They were calling for thunderstorms throughout the day, which turned into afternoon thunderstorms, which thankfully never materialized. The day turned out beautifully, and the cloud cover made it cool and manageable. Plus, there was a breeze. We loaded up the cars and headed to the green, and the day went well. We sold a decent number of falafels, and it felt sort of good to be working towards supporting our fabulously opulent lifestyles. We saw many of our old customers who were happy to see us, and us them, and even saw some new friends.

It was a long day, no question, but a long day of hard work is never a bad thing as long as you feel good about yourself in the end. Now we just have to get ready for next week.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Catherine for the pic.

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