Friday, June 20, 2014

Tomato Progress

The report is mixed thus far with our tomatoes. I had high hopes for the community garden because we scored an additional half-plot and I figured we could plant all tomatoes, but that one isn't going so well. Total bummer. I ended up replacing some of the plants with ones that had more time in the greenhouse, which for the record, is an amazing thing. They still seem small, and I'm not so into the soil in that plot, which is heavy on the horse manure. It makes the soil very clumpy and unpleasant, but I'm assuming it's enriching. Then again, it doesn't appear to be composted properly.

The tomatoes in our backyard garden seem to be doing pretty nicely, which loosely translated means they aren't dying and haven't been eaten (thanks to our high-tech radar gun from RJR). They are perky and standing at attention, they just don't seem to be growing much. Oh well, take what you can, right? We still have several tomato plants that need to planted in the flower farm garden, and I think the time has come to attend to that. There is concern about groundhogs over there, so I'm thinking we need to get another sonic radar gun. I'm convinced they work. Maybe I just need to plant them and accept whatever fate comes along, but I like the high-tech solution. I'll need to work on that one.

For now, the plants are moving along, albeit slowly. The weather is becoming more consistently warm, so that bodes well for all things in the garden. We'll see where this journey takes us.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Debbie Ohi for the pic.

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