Monday, June 23, 2014

Jazzing Things Up

This past weekend we went to the local jazz festival and I have to say that we really enjoyed ourselves. The music was very enjoyable, especially watching it live. I like jazz, but am not the biggest fan of the big band sound. Too Glen Miller for me, I prefer the slow sultry stuff like a trio with just a bass, drum, and piano. This time around, I really liked the big band stuff.

Either way, we went because there was a musician that piqued our interest the night before that played the marimba, which is beautiful wood percussion instrument sort of like a xylophone, but so much more. The musician in question, Arthur Lipner, was the featured artist at the jazz fest and the night before he screened a movie about his art. It was interesting, and it really sparked some interest in N, at least at first. After the film he wanted to see the guy play live. Say no more, as far as I'm concerned.

There were a few acts before him, and I like all of them. There were even middle school and high school bands, and they all did well. The weather was beautiful, breezy and not too hot, so that helped, but there was something nice about being outside and listening to live music. You just can't beat it.

Around 1:00 the Arthur Lipner came on and he had a kick-ass backup band that played beautifully together. They communicated nicely, and even though I'm no expert, it was a lot of fun to watch. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, as did the audience. There was a decent crowd, as well. The musician Lipner is world-renowned, so this was no small thing.

I was watching N and he was watching intently, so he was captivated. After the show I approached Lipner to inquire about how to encourage interest in the instrument, and he was very approachable and very friendly. Just an all around nice guy, I enjoyed talking to him.

After the show, N and I hung out a little longer, tossed the frisbee back and forth, and then rode our bikes home. The end to a really nice day, I must say. I hope it sparks some musical interest in our boy.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to T.D. Ford for the pic.

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