Sunday, September 14, 2008


We went to a fishing birthday, and I have to admit it was very much our speed. The kids had amazing amounts of fun taking part in what was essentially a very simple outing, and it just goes to show you that they don't need all the bull and glitz, they have fun outside. I give GS credit for keeping it simple, not that he wanted to get crazy and all.

The children really spent most of the day just playing in the water and fishing. The pond is perfect for kids, the fish bite like crazy, the launch is a perfect spot to cast, and the location is easy to find and very beautiful. I can't say enough about how ideal it is for the novice fisherman, i.e., us. Steve at Steve's bait knew just how to set us up for our day there. It helps to know where you're going.

It's interesting when you're the only home school family amongst schoolers, and I have to admit that it only solidifies our convictions to home school, but I'll leave it at that. The kids at the party were very nice, and I knew a few of them. The parents seem to mostly talk about school, the multitude of issues, and once again, it always strikes me how powerless people feel about the problems, the most significant of which are social and academic. Such is life.

Most of the kids drank root beer, but thankfully there was lemonade (not much better, but at least not soda pop) and A&N didn't have to take the plunge. The birthday girl didn't want to eat the cake that her mom made for her. There was a pinata that was impossible to break open, but the kids managed to crack it and Kimiko did a good job in choosing the filling, a mix of crappy candy and toys. The mix was the key.

The kids caught lots of fish, the presents were greedily ripped open and immediately forsaken, and we all had a wonderful time. We'd brought along our new inline skates and couldn't wait to try them out. The main problem we had was that it was hot, which made it difficult, but they did very well, A in particular. I think it's a good activity wherever there's asphalt. Will have to keep them on hand.

By five I knew we had to chase balloons, and the bummer feeling came back. It's hard to chase because by the end of the day, R and I are whipped and the last thing we want to do is work, but we're always at the ready to help GL, the guy's my hero, and the kids get a huge kick out of it.

By the end, we were ready to go home and see our kittens. It's amazing how much you can miss them. We had no desire to cook, but didn't want to eat pizza, so we made fried eggs and toast, with pear for the kids, and then went to bed.

And of course, we play with Misty and Dusty, our cats. A fitting end to a nice day.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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