Monday, September 22, 2008

Final Day With the Rs

Today is the last day, or maybe the second to last day, they're leaving tomorrow, but maybe not too early, then we can spend more time together. It has been a great visit, not only has it been fun seeing them, but they are increasingly interested in spending more time here in Vermont, either for part of the summer of maybe for larger chunks of the year. It's a first step towards maybe having them here for the long term, an exciting proposition.

I spent the day with RR doing guy stuff while R and JR took A&N out to the Vermont Store for most of the day, so not much going on in the parenting world for me. We managed to get a lot done, and it really struck me how difficult it is to get work done when you're attending to the kids. You really get a huge break when you send them off to school.

JR commented on how well they're doing in academics, and she's a adamant advocate of public schools, even though she willingly acknowledges the problems she sees in the system. She is just very defensive about the teachers that she knows, who seem to try their best but are constrained by a system that doesn't always agree with their views on education. She also has noticed that kids these days are ruder and less respectful. Do you really want your kids in such an environment? No thanks.

We'll begin horses this week, our activities are beginning to fall into place, and we're still ruminating about swimming, though I'd like for the kids to do it. I don't think N is quite there, yet. Blading, biking, and other assorted activities on tap. And still no word from CB, not that I miss her, though I feel bad for A is she misses her. Still not sure what she sees in her, but I'll leave it at that.

Will probably try to connect with CH and the M's at some point. Still debating about the HS group, though my understanding is that it has gotten large. Not sure if we quite fit in, and still don't want to make our lives home-school centric.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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