Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everyday Should Be TGI Friday

R and I were talking the other day about how much it is ingrained in us to live for the weekends and not appreciate Sundays and hate Mondays. What a crappy way to go through life, but much in line with the way we live-work like a dog at a job you hate, then justify it all with a few weeks of vacation. Then again, it's not isolated to just work. People live their lives that way, apathetic and unenthusiastic about their everyday life, until their birthday or holidays, when life once again takes on meaning. The classic example for me is marriage. People throw lavish weddings and claim it to be the happiest day of their lives, and their marriage sucks and they get divorced.

Hmm, there's something misguided about the way we live, and it begins with childhood, what a shame. Most kids I meet, including myself, hate school, and yet they are subjected to it everyday of their lives until it simply becomes an accepted artifact of life. Resignation, if you will. What a great thing if you could give your kids the gift of Sundays and Mondays, and not dread them. That's over a hundred more days a year that they can learn to love.

That's why we home school, but I won't get started.

Now that school is in session, not as many social outlets since all the kids are in school, but we are excited about the possibilities of activities. Planning them out isn't easy, there are options and they all seem to cost money. Funny how that works. I am leaning towards swimming and horseback, and am working on getting some rollerblades to supplement daytime activities. I think the kids would have fun with them, and we don't need a lot of space, at least not at first. Even Ruth has come around to the idea, so I have to jump on this.

Struggling with the year-end assessment and next year's curriculum. Still kicking myself that we let it slide so badly, shame on us. Once this is off my plate I'll feel much better, and I'm sure the NH home schoolers are laughing at me. Actually I've even debated attending the meetings again, but not sure on that one. Good group of people, though.

I don't want this to become a standard, but our social circle has become more home school-centered now that school has started, and that's to be expected, but it doesn't have to be this way. The first few weeks of school are always a little crazy, especially since all of our friends seem to way over-schedule their kids. It's just the reality of parenthood. CH was over yesterday, and he's such an amazing kid, well mannered, super cordial and incredibly smart. The H's have done an outstanding job, both as parents and gene donors. Nice job, guys.

On top of all the family stuff, there is the home improvement stuff, and R's parents are visiting, which we are thrilled about. I wish they'd come and live with us, I know they'd love it here, but that's for them to decide. I have to plan meals and try to impress Joanne with my homemade bread. The kids would be thrilled to make them a meal of breakfast or even a pizza dinner. It's exciting, I wish they'd live with us. Life would be so wonderful, but I shouldn't build it up too much, setting myself up for disappointment.

Lots of home improvement to do, have to get it finished before Winter and the big visit. I think it's possible, it's amazing the things I'm learning. And then there are the cats! Have to get cats. It's not easy working so hard towards something I know will come back to haunt me. As I mentioned, I have met with fierce opposition to getting cats, and I'm not even a cat person. Sometimes I think my detractors are just waiting for something to go wrong so they can tear me a new asshole, and suffice it to say that something will most assuredly go wrong.

I'm willing to face the pain and suffering if it brings joy to our kids' lives. Who wouldn't? A lot of people, actually.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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