Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things To Do

I'm falling behind on my home duties, and it's stressing me out. Having to do home improvement and still take on domestic duties can bring a man to his knees. It does to me. So why the hell am I wasting time sitting here writing about it?

Besides the house, I still have to bake bread and make our famous pan cookies. The bread is what kills me, it takes so much time and effort, but we love the idea of eating fresh, homemade bread, especially when it ain't bad, and it's healthy. The more I think about it, the more I am amazed at the shit we are willing to eat. You just never know what big food is feeding you, and when you can make, or better yet grow, your meals, all the better, which is why we do that.

So, I can't bitch about making bread. It's a good thing to do. If only I had more time. Weekends are best because I have help, but we also want to spend time doing fun things. Then again, we might get a visit from the big C, always an exhausting proposition for a high maintenance kid.

We've ordered roller skates to enter into the next phase of fun, and I'm looking into horseback riding. We were at the dump, the treasure trove for the frugal, and found a skateboard and a toy Dirt Devil vacuum. Bonus, N loved them. I'm thinking that skateboarding may in our future, but let's get the pads, first.

I've also been focusing more on my blog and neglecting my paid writing duties. Not a smart thing to do, even though I only make peanuts, but I'm looking at it as a strategic maneuver. More on that later.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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