Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dark Days

Wow, is the world crazy, or what? I'm finding that the current stock market problems are making me depressed, and think the people responsible for this really need to get some recompense. Not only are they screwing up peoples' lives, but they will probably all walk away scott free. Time to throw deregulation out the window and take over this capitalist machine of bullshit. Let's face it, free market capitalism doesn't work, people are too greedy to make a system viable, and supply and demand might correct for the problem, but the reaction time is too long and too much damage is done before the solution is implemented. It burns me up that the same ones who cry for deregulation are now crying for the government to bail them out. And worst of all, when all is said and done, we'll simply return to the status quo, this pattern has repeated itself over the past twenty years. Sick and sad.

Otherwise, we are still hanging out in our little corner of Vermont, hoping to weather the storm. I get depressed reading about the state of the world and wish at times I could just turn off the news, but burying your head in the sand never solved anything.

Yesterday was a bust, didn't get nearly the number of things I needed to get done, but we did manage to have fun. We're cleaning up for R's parents arrival, and I needed to get a dozen things done, but managed only two. I did clean up the barn, however, and got to throw out a bunch of junk at the dump. Thankfully we have GL's car. Afterward, we squeezed in some rollerblading, and A&N have really taken a liking to it. I'm glad.

Otherwise, still working on the horses and the swimming. N has indicated a lack of interest, but I don't think he's ready, yet. A few more sessions and he's good to go. Besides, it's a way for A to meet with Is, though that might work with horses, as well. She's a hip kid, smart in the same vein as Audrey, though more sophisticated, which worries me a times, but she's nice to her.

Today I hope to finish mowing the lawn, get started on the clapboards, ponder replacing the front shingles with clapboards, finish the croquet rack, start moving the wood pile, and so on and so forth. Have to contact the horse lady and maybe even the swim lady, also need to make soup and bread for the arrival. Maybe do brownies, as well, and contact Fuel Club.

Shit, so much to do, so little time. Also need to prepare to paint the backside of the house. Until then, thanks for reading.

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