Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Capers and Blunders

I made a big blunder in trying to clean up the yard by chopping down A's little imaginary forest. I was trying to clean up so I could work in the area since it was dense with growth. I took the weed whacker and cleaned up, but didn't realize it had special meaning for her. I felt terrible, she was nice about it, but I sure did disappoint. Have to be careful where I tread.

On the professional note, I made $50 for the first quarter in Wisebread/Parenting Squad. This is peanuts, I know, but not too shabby considering that I wasn't going to make a single penny. It makes me want to work all that harder on the blog. Writing gigs seem to be more apparent, and I think it's something good to work towards.

I've been doing surveys for money, and of course, making absolutely no money. The problem is that they are mostly looking for people thoroughly immersed in pop-consumer culture. We don't watch TV, we don't have a cell phone, and we don't shop a lot. These all seem to be the criteria for qualifying, and we don't qualify. Kind of sad, but kind of glad. I wouldn't buy into that crap for anything, but it's interesting to note what marketers require. Thinking of bailing out on the whole thing since it does take time, and time is the one thing I have too little of to spare.

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