Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving On

Okay, I've finished the curriculum, and Ruth has basically given the green light, so I can send it in and get on with my life. I've still got to get word from the state, but we're a lot further along than a few days ago. Now the dilemma of where to being writing. I've neglected Wisebread and Parenting Squad so badly, but Demand studios is calling. What to do.

Talked to SC yesterday, first time in about a year, and it was odd but good. She still has a lot going on, and her life seems to be going well, though she talked my ear off, just like old times. Best of all, we left it without a definite plan on when we'll see eachother, though I think it's in the stars. I've looked into horses, have one lined up but am interested in another if they get back to me. Tonight is contradance and if my mother in-law is interested I'd love for her to come along, but we'll see. Should call J to let her know.

My in-laws are here and it's great to see them. We have a lot of fun together, and I think the possibility of having them visit more often, if not even move up here, seems more a possibility, though I base that on nothing. I hope it works out. They arrived yesterday early evening, and we had a nice time just hanging out, though the grim state of the world is resting heavily on their minds. They made a strong case for buying an American car, which we will consider.

We'll spend the day hanging out, I've got to make beef stew for dinner and fix clapboards, move firewood, and other assorted chores. Will keep working hard, and do home school stuff, as well. A&N were very excited about the visit, and they were very well behaved at dinner, so patient and polite. Everyone is so proud of them, for good reason.

I'll send out the curriculum today, and we have yet to return calls to N's mom. Just got my contract from the Fuel Club, it's about time, but it's a crazy time and I can't fault them.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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