Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy Day and the Tunbridge Fair

Thursday was a hellish day. I went to work and then we drove all the way from Hanover to Quechee, picked up the cat, drove to Windsor to the vet and had her checked, went back to Quechee to drop off the cat, then came back to Hartland to get lunch and coats for the fair, then went to the auto parts store to get GL his jump-box, then over the library to return/check-out books, then to Homestead GS to meet him for the fair, then off to the Tunbridge fair, before finally driving all the way to Lebanon to pick up R and then go home. What a crazy day, we did so much driving that I couldn't believe it.

The Tunbridge World's Fair is a big deal around here, and people from miles around come to check it out. It's a lot of fun, though some scary people show up as the lights go down. GS used to live in Tunbridge so it's his stomping grounds and he goes every year. We joined him since he's an insider and knows the gig, but with work and his daughter's school, it wouldn't be until the late afternoon, and we had many things to do beforehand.

We are getting a cat, two of them in fact, and little did I realize all that goes into being a pet owner. I'd never had cats before but I get a sense that some people get a little too into it. The biggest concern was FLS, feline leukemia virus, and not to get so utilitarian about it, but the vet recommended that we check for it before we fall in love with our cats. Kind of sad, because if they had it, the cats didn't have long to live. I was very uncomfortable with the proposition of having to tell GS that we couldn't take his cats because their days were numbered, so initially I planned on simply taking them and testing them after the fact, but we decided to check them out first. All it required was one of the litter mates, so we carted Misty off and had her tested.

Fortunately, she came up negative, but we didn't learn that until much later that evening. In the meantime, we returned her to Gary's and got ready for the fair, but not before returning our library books and stocking up on more. It's not easy finding good books for A, she's such a voracious reader, though she is moving away from chapter books with pics, so her reading options have increased significantly.

By the time we were getting ready to meet GS, we wanted to find out the test results, but since we don't have a cell phone I called R at work (the library will let you make local calls) and asked her to find out, then she could tell us later. Then off to the fair.

The Tunbridge Fair is a huge event, though I'm not sure why they call it a World's Fair. It has a ton of rides and food, but there is a huge local element that truly celebrates the area's rural heritage, and I got a sense that's what Gary really appreciates. The kids had a blast, though TS, GS' daughter, kind of ditched our kids when her best friend from school showed up. Very remiscent of CB and her Waldorf buddies, highlighting the difficulties of not going to school and bonding with one child to be your best friend. It ain't easy, and the only kids I've seen who don't ditch us are the M's.

The fair was a blast, though, and we ate lots of greasy disgusting food and saw lots of people we knew. There was a huge home-school contingent there, and I was very surprised by how may people we knew. Nice to see them once again, and made me rethink attending the UVH meetings. We'll see.

A&N loved the rides, and since TS ditched us, we managed to have fun just amongst ourselves. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm acutely aware of kids being insensitive. I just see that most parents are just oblivious. It didn't seem to affect A&N, they had a lot of fun and really just wanted to go on the rides. I felt a little bad and wanted to just leave. When night fell, we really had to leave.

The kids wanted maple cotton candy, and I cringed at the thought of it, but we managed to grab a few caramel apples, and they were happy with them. One of them dropped the apple, but the people behind the counter gave us a new one for free. Kudos to them for their kindness.

We were late to get R, and I made a crucial miscalculation in our plans. For some crazy reason I thought Tunbridge was just beyond Hanover, so my logic was that on the way home we'd stop in Lebanon to get R. Of course, being the loser that I am, it's in the complete opposite direction, and we were hours late in getting R. Fortunately, we'd planned for this, and I managed to locate a pay phone in Sharon and called her, it only cost me a dollar and the damn thing worked. We picked her up, I resolved to lighten up about the whole ditching thing, the kids had fun in the end, brushed teeth in the DHMC bathroom, and went home.

It was a crazy but fun day, and best of all, the kittens were disease free. So we could move ahead and bring them home. More on that later.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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