Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Week Begins

I'll say this, writing a blog takes a bit of time, and I haven't been able to attend to my glorious but nascent freelance writing career. Then again, Rome wasn't built in a day. I might have said this, as well, but I am enjoying it. It was hard at first, didn't know what to write, even though there is so much to say.

Today is Sunday and could very well be the day we get our cats. I hope they don't let R down too much, I have a lot of anxiety about it. GS is also the man who agreed to evaluate A, so I can handle that since he also has the cats. It'll be nice to see them, R hasn't seen them in awhile, and I'd like to maintain our friendship with them. I really like GS, he's way more experienced and capable than me in the ways of being a real man, but he's more on my level in many ways. Maybe it's the former city-boy thing, but he's just more cerebral and worldly. I'll leave it there before I get myself into trouble.

I mentioned on that we are back in touch with the D's because we are moving forward with the barn, but it's strange in some ways. I used to think of them as our good friends with whom we did dinner with regularly, and even after we left Waldorf we maintained a few friendships with people in the loop, but over time that has all faded, even our relationship with the D's. Not sure what it's tied to, but we operate in different circles, different worlds, if you will, and when you're not a part of their system, the Waldorf crowd can go a long way to making you feel like an outsider. They really bond on their community, even when the parents are like oil and water, and if not for Waldorf, wouldn't have a single thing in common. It does strike me as a bit disingenuous, but I'm biased.

The take home message that our lack of contact is not a bad thing, I wouldn't want to hang with that crowd anyway, but the feeling of being excluded is always hard to embrace, especially for me. Somehow it must be tied to my youth, I'm sure of it. I'm hoping it won't effect my kids as significantly.

Now that the end of year assessments are moving along, I'll have to come up with next year's curriculum, which is a bear of a job. The state GE requirements are so hard to decipher. I can spend hours trying to figure out what they're trying to say. I'll have to get on that.

It's supposed to be a nice day, I'll have to jump back into the fray of home improvement and fix those clapboards before it rains again. Looking forward to the in-laws coming and trying to find fun activities that will nudge them towards living with us. I know they'd love it here, there is so much to offer and it is so their speed. Lots of seniors here, more on a generational level, though, which makes it all the more appealing vs. just a senior center, like Quechee.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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