Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

I wanted to talk more about our trip and reflect on travel in general, but now that we're back, there's too much going on, as usual.

First and foremost is to finish the state requirements for our schooling, which involves end of year assessments and next year's curricula for both A&N. I managed to get some of it done while we were away, but need to put the finishing touches on it.

Our appointment is this week, and I have been scrambling to get everything together so it looks somewhat presentable. I just want to get this done so we can move on with our lives. Thankfully the people over at the state offices are very helpful and very nice.

The week started off nicely, with karate on Monday and then A's robotics class on Tuesday. One of wishes came true in karate in that A, after ruminating on it for weeks, decided to join in the class. Over the vacation at the cottage, she asked me to teach her some basics and by the end of the week, she had a pretty good grasp of things. When it came time for class, she wanted to join, and I was all for it. N isn't quite ready, yet.

The fact that there is a girl about A's age helps, and they have become buddies. Coupled with EC, who happened to be sick, they have a little circle of friends that could potentially grow. Plus, I like the idea that one day, if need be, A could give someone a karate chop to the nose if the situation called for it. It's a rough world out there for girls.

A loves robotics, and who can blame her? Lego contraptions run off computer programs, it doesn't get much cooler. She has really embraced the class and loves it, she's such a little engineer. We missed a class because of our vacation but the teacher gave her a quick refresh on programming, and she picked it up fairly quickly. He even said she did a great job learning the stuff right off the bat, and then they got to program their robots to do battle.

N and I went for a long bike ride on the rail trail during her class, and it was a great day for a ride. We probably went for about 2 miles, all up hill one way, which of course meant downhill on the way back home, and when we went to pick up A, we got to watch the robots do battle. Not that it matters who won, but her robot beat the competitor 2 times out of 3. I was secretly cheering inside.

Otherwise, things are good. There is so much to do and so little time to do it, but in the end, you can't whine about it (well, maybe a little), and have to just keep pushing on.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Xavier Lukins for the pic.

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