Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More ECs?

We have a pretty full plate right now, but are toying with even more ECs because we've done them in the past and they are favorites of A&N.

First off, I got an email from LR that they are doing the Christmas chorus again. There is a time conflict with A's robotics class, which she loves, but it would only be for a couple of classes, and she really wants to do the chorus. Then again, they're really not even sure how it's going to unfold.

Second is pottery. N loves working with clay, and though the class is a bit unstructured, he had a lot of fun. Plus, their buddies are in it, and would love to have them join.

R and I are on the fence. Do we really need more to do? Then again, they really enjoy them, and they get to see their friends. I am leaning to a yes, but we'll see. The situation is complicated by the fact that A is now taking karate, which pleases me to no end. Next we have to get N to join, but no pressure.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mattox for the pic.

chorus and pottery

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