Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Ready for Ski Season

Even though I have a penchant for putting things off and regretting it, there is one thing I'm pretty good at staying on top of, and that's getting ready for ski season. Here were are, at least a month before any snow is going to fall (at least that's what I think), and I've gotten all of us set up for ski season. I can't wait. We are especially pumped after our vacation where we hung out by a ski hill.

Their coats, pants, and helmets all fit, but the kids both need upgrades for their equipment, so we went over to Henderson's to swap skis for A and get their gear tuned up. N can use A's former skis. It's been a dry Summer, so I'm not sure what that portends for the Winter, but we're always hopeful.

I had to go up to the attic to get a lot of the stuff, and it's always a bit of an adventure going up there. I'm never really sure what is awaiting me up there, but at least it's not an oven like it is during the summer. Speaking of which, I still need to go up there and add another layer of insulation, but one thing at a time.

Until the next time, or snow, thanks for reading, and thanks to efimova for the pic.

Hendersons with skis

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