Friday, October 8, 2010

Survived Evaluations

I admit that I had a bit of anxiety about our academic evaluations, but that's the nature of growing up in a family that stressed academic success over good health and happiness. Indeed, the three were considered one in the same, though academic success was only valid when it meant being a doctor.

Whatever be the case, we survived, and it's done. One last thing to worry about, though there are plenty more waiting in the pipes.

We had to switch evaluators and actually go with DE, whom I had no idea was doing evaluations. He lives in town, which made it convenient, though I wasn't sure what to expect. Our previous evaluator was straightforward and no nonsense, but was not available at this time.

My only concern was that thing would not go smoothly and we would not pass, but in retrospect, these worries were a bit ridiculous, because an evaluator is not out to get you, they are only trying to gather information to provide to the state. And DE is a great guy, not to mention serious and dependable at whatever he does, as reflected by his wonderful kids.

DE's children are friends with our A&N, as well, and as I mentioned, they are super kids. They hosted us while DE did his job, and they are so well-adjusted, polite, and mature. Really nice.

Everything went smoothly, we got it done, and I think we passed. I'm not sure what the evaluations will say, but I'm glad it's done. As usual, I overreacted, but that's just my MO.

One last note, it was a crazy day, because earlier JH came over and we replaced the track lighting in the kitchen, which took longer than I expected/hoped. By the time we were finished, I was ready to buy JH lunch but we had no time. I had to gather up our school stuff and usher the kids out the door. Never a dull moment around here. After the evaluation, we had loads of cooking to do, though we made one of the best apple cakes I'd ever tasted, recipe compliments of SG from the library.

Now I can focus on writing up those curricula for the next school year. Does it ever end? Of course not.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mattox for the pic.

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