Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Food Trauma

This is sort of funny, but sort of not. We went to lunch the other day and they were serving African food, which we love. The food is somewhat exotic, but nothing too crazy, just a lot of stews and root vegetables, and of course, rice. Usually there is a vegetarian offering and a meat offering, though this time around, there was a Chinese food meat offering, chicken with green beans. The food is excellent, and all prepared by one person, MD, and not only is it an enormous amount of work, but she does a great job.

Either way, this last time we brought along a friend who is not used to eating African food, and I don't think it went over too well. Maybe even a bit traumatizing, though complaints were never vocalized. I felt bad, but it wasn't that offensive. Then again, I shouldn't have been completely surprised. People don't like to try exotic new things, and this is especially true with food.

I'm glad our kids are willing to at least try new foods, many of which they have embraced, including sushi, African food, shellfish, and others that I never ate as a kid. I lived on fast food and Top Ramen. How's that for a terrible diet? What's crazy is that it's standard fare for a lot of people.

Oh well, live and let live, as the saying goes. Besides, who really knows what's best for you? Your parents, of course.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Lori Maffei for the pic.

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