Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time to Inquire

It's that time again: I need to order wood. I wish it were more simple and straightforward, but trying to get ahold of these loggers is like pulling teeth. They never get back to me, so I'm sort of left wondering if it's going to happen. Maybe they're just working on logger time. The problem is, if too much time passes then I'm sort of left out in the cold, literally. At some point in the year they can't get any more wood, so I need to reserve some before that happens.

All I need is to hear from them that they can get me the wood, at least before next winter, preferably by summer. Then I can rest easy. Another problem I have, which is not such a bad problem when you get down to it, is that I know three sources for wood. Do I contact them all and put in a order, or do them one by one? If I get into a situation where all three of them are prepared to sell me a truck load of wood, is that getting myself into trouble?

Boy, I wonder if I'm the only person who has so much neurosis about firewood? As my good friend GF used to say, "Did you bring New York City with you?"

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Aaron Bray for the pic.

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