Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Watching the Vixens

Last weekend we went to watch the roller derby at UA and saw the Upper Valley Vixens take dismantle the Shoreline Belladonnas. As always, a good time was had by all. The Vixens looked better than I remember, I think in the off-season they did some training or something because they were way more aggressive and physical, taking to their opponents and winning by a wide margin.

We met with some friends and it was nice they got to hang out because the socializing is an important aspect for the kids. If none of their friends showed up, I don't think we'd attend. There were some surprises, as well. You just never really know who's going to show up at a roller derby match.

One funny thing is that I actually know one of the Vixens, I work with her at one of the non-profits. How crazy is that? It was cool, and another friend did some of the announcing. His son is friends with N, so that was a funny connection. Maybe because match was the season opener, but the crowd was pretty big, and the parking lot was packed.

One final note was that A won the wheel toss, which is like chuck-a-puck: you roll the wheel into a target and the person who gets the closest wins. She got hers the farthest in, and when he called her name, I couldn't believe it. I think she won tickets to the next match, or something like that.

I think R should come, she would enjoy it because it's quite a spectacle. Maybe next time... or maybe not.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Robin DeGrassi James for the pic.

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