Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back to School

The kids are cruising along with their studies and one area that they are doing fine in is math. I won't go into the agonizing details about what they are doing, but one area that A is delving deeper into is algebra. Since mom and dad are the teachers in this household, we've had to re-learn algebra, and while both of us took plenty of math in our academic careers, it takes a little time to get the wheels turning again. Algebra is one of those subjects, at least for me, where the problems look straightforward and doable but somehow during the process of calculating what the variables are, I screw something up. The mistakes often happen when we're dealing with expanding parenthetical equations with negative numbers. There are just too many things to remember, and forgetting just one means the whole house of cards crumble. It's possible it's just a question of practice, which I can and will do, but needless to say it's frustrating, especially when you go into it thinking that you can break down walls and come out of whimpering over your incompetence.

Oh well, that's the point of education, right? To avoid being a whimpering incompetent. I think it may be too late for me.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to yadav1212 for the pic.

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