Friday, October 7, 2016

New Boots

It's probably a little earlier than usual for this, which is a good thing, but we've updated our ski equipment and are ready to hit the slopes. All we need is a little (or a lot) of snow, though that's realistically at least a month away. Then again, I recall going trick-or-treating with plenty of snow on the ground, so you just never know.

The big things to consider are footwear for skiing and hockey, both of which can be expensive. We've found good deals on used snowboard boots, which you can get for next to nothing ($10-20), and we get good deals on used ski boots at our favorite ski shop, Henderson's. The stuff isn't new, and sometimes it's in pretty bad shape, but with a little leg work, time and patience, you can find clean used gear that looks almost new. Hockey is a little more complicated. We're sort of past the point of buying them used gear, and what really sets you back are the skates. With kids growing so quickly, upgrades are often necessary, as was the case last year when we replaced both kids' skates. Ouch! All I can say is that I'm thankful to be gainfully employed, sort of.

This year we seem to be set for most of the stuff. Both kids can use their skates again, though N is definitely growing. A is all set with ski and snowboard boots, and her skates are just fine. Truth be told, she's hardly worn them so that's a big relief. N needed new ski boots, no doubt about it, and as I mentioned, we headed over on the early side to Henderson's. They have a big Labor Day blowout sale that we missed, but being a ski shop and all, they have gear throughout the winter. It's the selection of good used equipment that starts to decline. This year our options were still pretty good, and they set him up in a good way. He's wearing big boy sizes (i.e., adult) now so he got a really cool pair of boots that even match his skis... did I mention that he can still use his skis this year (whew!)?

You can really see the difference between the kids and adult boots, though this seems obvious. I guess I just never paid attention. He really likes them and they fit beautifully. Now the only project is to find dad a new pair of skis considering that his are so old. Then again, if the shoe fits, wear it, right? Though in this case it would be the ski boot.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to suziesparkle for the pic.

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