Monday, October 31, 2016

Filmmaker Mom

Speaking of awards, this is starting to become a regular thing but mom entered the 2016 CATV Halloween-o-thon and she won first prize. Go mom, congratulations. We couldn't be more proud of her. The cards were somewhat stacked against her, as well. She had an idea of what sort of movie to make but she wasn't paying attention and missed the entry deadline. They gave her a cushion and she got started on the movie, but it was hard for her to find the time to make it. She ended up filming pieces here and there, utilizing her cast and crew who also happen to be her family. Little by little she put it together and then the editing came into play. Previously she would go into CATV when she could and use their computers and software, but this time it was harder to make it in. She then got a free trial of the editing software, Final Cut Pro, but it lasted only 30 days and ended before she could even begin.

That left the final option of buying the software, which isn't cheap, but in my opinion was worth it because she makes these movies all the time and needs it. It was money well spent. She scrambled to get the movie finished and as always it was last minute, but she submitted it on time, though it was down to the wire. On that day she needed help from A to do some final editing but A decided to stay late at school and mom was not exactly thrilled about this. We made it home on time and all was well.

The final part of this drama was that on the actual day of contest, when they screened the films and gave out awards, she forgot about it. It wasn't until about 30 minutes before the screening that she realized that it was going to happen, so she rushed out the door and made it in time. Then she won first place.

How cool is that? I think she was pleasantly surprised, but we were all stoked for her. It was a team effort to make it but in reality it was all mom's inspiration and vision.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ki Young Lee for the pic.

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