Monday, October 31, 2016

Driving and Drawing

This is pretty cool, though I'm not sure of the circumstances surrounding it, but A was heading off to the UNH campus on the coast to so some oceanography stuff with her science class and apparently there was a drawing contest. The kids had to come up with an image pertinent to sea, but for whatever reason the kids didn't start doing their drawings until they were in the car, on the drive over. So with pencil in hand she drew a picture of an octopus and if you can believe it, she won the drawing contest. She claims that she won because nobody else entered the contest, which I accepted with some skepticism. I think she did a great job on her drawing, and let's face it, I'm being completely objective.

Either way, she won the contest and with it a day of Oceanography with UNH, or something like that. The school is sending out a team to spend some time with the school teaching them about the wonders of the ocean. Kind of cool, if you ask me, though nobody asked me, did they?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to crisis- for the pic.

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