Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Let's Split

After some back and forth communication, I finally obtained JP's splitter, and it's probably a good time because it's getting cold and you just never know when that snow storm is going to hit you. Once there's snow on the ground it's much harder to motivate and split wood, though a real-man in training shouldn't let a little white stuff discourage him.

Our wood pile is looking good and for all intents and purposes we could stop stacking right now and we'd probably be okay, but I think the end is in sight (with a little help from the kids) get it done. Might as well finish what we started. As always there are blocks of wood that are either too big or too knotty to split by hand, and I usually set them aside in a pile until I can obtain the splitter, and the pile was getting pretty big. These are the pieces where the maul simply bounces off as if it were made of rubber, or the maul sinks in a few inches and then no more, over and over again. It's like the wood is glued together, and believe me, at some point you just don't want to deal with it anymore. The knowledge that I would eventually get the splitter inspired me to toss the piece aside at the first sign of resistance, which only compounded the situation, i.e., made the pile grow.

With fall well over half over and winter on the way, I figured it was time to obtain the splitter and finish those pieces off. I spoke with JP and he said to talk to AM to get it, but I had to coordinate times with her because she's busy with assorted life responsibilities. I had to coordinate with JM during the allotted time slot (his truck has a trailer hitch to tow the thing) and now we have the splitter in our possession. I'm going to have the kids help me out and it should go a lot faster than splitting solo.

Then, when we're finished, I have to once again coordinate with JM to come pick it up. Boy, life sure would be easier if we had a truck, not just for logistical reasons, but to satisfy my real-man in training status. Then again, one thing at a time, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mdrn-Mrvls for the pic.

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