Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Attire

The weather is getting cooler and soon it will be time to shelve the shorts and start wearing long pants. This presents us with a bit of a conundrum because some of us not only don't like wearing long pants, but we especially don't like wearing jeans, which are a staple of the youthful wardrobe. Now granted, jeans are not as comfortable sweat pants or shorts, but you can't go through life wearing sweat pants and shorts, at some point you need to wear something else. Forget about fashion, the practical logistics of staying warm demand it.

Either way, I've been encouraging said person to wear jeans with mixed results. Sometimes there is cooperation, other times resistance. This individual is growing, as well, which adds another layer to the mix. I finally decided the time had come and went out and got them a pair of jeans. They had a big sale (they're always having a sale) over at Kohl's and they were pretty darn cheap, so I figured it was worth the risk. Plus, they're not the cheesy bargain brand Tough Skins that I wore as a kid, they're Levi's. The denim is surprisingly soft, and when said individual tried them on, they not only looked really good, but they were not averse to wearing them... I think.

We'll see where this one goes, but at least for now there are pants to be worn in cold weather that don't make you look like a hip-hop star.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to damage_justice for the pic.

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