Monday, October 3, 2016

Future Wood

I had gotten myself a little in over my head with wood this year, though it wasn't all my fault (as usual). I had mistakenly and a little foolishly assumed that our usual source TB was not coming through for us. He never returned my calls, but he never does and always delivers. This does not sit well with my neurotic tendencies, and I always request that he at least lets me know if he can or cannot get wood. After months of asking him, I figured this was the year that he wasn't coming through, so I contacted another source, DS, who said he could get me wood. Then one morning, out of nowhere, TB shows up with a truckload of wood. I was stoked but also wondering if I could handle two deliveries. That's a lot of wood.

DS has a small truck so it's only 3.5 cords, but it's still a lot of wood and expense. I was looking at a 10 cord pile in our front yard. I asked DS if I could get his small load later in summer, maybe in the fall, and he was fine with that. As summer passed, however, I rested on my laurels and didn't get in touch with him. By the time fall rolled around, which is now, I was thinking either he wrote me off or was waiting for me to ask for the wood. On a bright note, I had the money to pay him.

When I finally did contact him, he informed me that he now had his bigger truck in operation and would deliver a full load, which wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. Then again, I'm making pretty good progress on the current load, so I asked him if we could get his full truckload (8 cords) in the spring, and he was fine with that.

So now I'm really stoked, because I have enough wood for two winters and then some, and then if I get another load, I'm good to go for probably another two years. The full logs sit well over time, and I can cut them at my leisure, assuming that I can get them in the spring. I've learned, however, that making assumptions about future events can often get you into trouble, so I'll wait in and see.

In the meantime, I'll get the year 2 pile finished and see where we stand. Hopefully we'll get it done before the snow comes.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to gary for the pic.

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