Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A’s New Guitar Teacher

A had her first lesson with her new guitar teacher and it went well. Like everyone says, he’s a really nice guy, patient and very knowledgeable, and A enjoyed her time with him. I think he teaches a number of instruments.

The only downside is that the lessons are in the big city (Hanover) on a weekday at 5:00. How’s that for bad timing? Not only do we have to deal with traffic, but we also have to find parking for a half hour lesson. By the time we find something, the lesson’s pretty much done, but what are you going to do? It gives us a chance to spend some time in the big city.

In addition to learning to read music, A’s teacher, EE, said she should consider graduating to a bigger, better sounding guitar. This is something I’ve hinted at for some time but have met with complete resistance, but as soon as her teacher mentions it, she’s ready. Sometimes you just have no credibility.

It was funny because when I dropped A off, I had to park illegally because we were pressed for time. As we were going into the store, I spotted AM, and knew if she nabbed us she’d talk to us for hours on end, and we had no time for this, so we snuck in without getting caught. Of course, when I came out to move the car, she was still lingering, for whatever reason, right out in front of the store. N and I managed to sneak past once again, but at some point when we finally parked, there was no getting around at least saying hi without being mean.

Luckily for us, she had grabbed another victim, so we could pass by and say hi without too much damage being done. I love when that happens. The lesson went well, A’s teacher had many positive things to say about her playing, and he mentioned that his students play a small recital at some point in town, which would be really cool, right up her alley.

Of course, we now have a no mission in our lives (and blogs), and that’s to get A new guitar. She can use mine for now, but it’s a little big, and she should have her own, so we’ll see where this adventure takes us.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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