Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exciting Day in the Big City

We were out for a day on the town in the big city, and we sure had a good time. R had to go in and do some work, and we are getting some things ready for me to do since we are embarking on a new project. This meant that I had to go in, as well, and get things oriented.

From there, the plan was for us to go the hockey game, and then meet up with mom to go ice skating on Occom pond. Afterward, dinner at our regular eatery, Boloco. Sounds like a plan. After going over what needed to be done at work, I took the kids to the game. The women’s hockey team was in some sort of playoff against Clarkson University, which I’d never really heard of before I moved to the East Coast, but is some sort of hockey powerhouse. I’m not even sure where Clarkson is.

Now, excuse my ignorance, but I’m not even sure what ECAC stands for, but that’s what was going on. They were doing a best of three series, and Dartmouth had lost the first game. We were a bit late to the game, but the place was empty, and we had no problem choosing an entire section to ourselves. It’s a shame the women don’t get more support, they are so good.

From the moment we were there, however, Clarkson seemed to be dominating the game until about the end of the second quarter when Dartmouth really turned it up a notch and took over and won.

Even more importantly, however, was the fact that we scored a puck. It even has ECAC, whatever that means, on it, so it’s some sort of commemorative puck for the occasion. The teams were scrambling for the puck in the corner and it got flung into the stands. Since we were the only ones in the section, it was simply a question of getting off our butts and getting it. One guy in the next section started for it, but me and N bolted out of our seats and nabbed it before he got there. I was ready to employ my hands of death, if necessary.

A&N were excited to have a puck, and if that wasn’t enough, during the zamboni run, the guy was tossing out shirts and tossed one to A&N, who were putting in a grand effort to gain his attention, and it took a huge effort on my part to stay seated and calm and make sure they did all the work. I was ready to reach over the glass and grab the thing myself, but what sort of message would that have sent?

After the game, excited about the day’s events, we then met with mom and headed over to Occom Pond, where we skated into the twilight of the day. It was really nice out there, and not so crowded. At some point, everyone leaves the ice, and we were practically the last ones out there. N got to try out his gloves, though he balked at using the helmet, for now. We’ll get there. We practiced a little hockey, and it was a lot of fun.

As it grew dark, we headed over to Boloco and ate killer burritos. You can’t beat the joy of savoring that first bite of a Summer Burrito, it’s euphoria. A lot of people must understand this, because was it ever crowded. We usually go early, so it’s not an issue, but since it was later, we were there when the rest of world was ready to eat. Luckily for us, we beat the crowd, but it was quite the happening place, and rightfully so. We even saw some friends from Cobb Hill there. They were going to the basketball game.

Boy, the big city sure is an exciting place to be. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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