Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pushing My Luck and the Beauty of Just Going For It

What an interesting turn of events we had the other day, stemming from the fact that rather than wishing we had done something, we instead opted to just take a leap and faith and do it, albeit with some trepidation.

We had gone skiing on Tue, and I knew I was pushing my luck a bit in thinking of skiing another day, as well, but there was purpose to my madness. When we ski at Whaleback, we are practically the only ones on the hill. It makes sense when you really get down to it. At some point in the afternoon, the crowds begin to show up, but for the first few hours we literally have the hill to ourselves. Now most people would see this as a huge bonus, but I find it a bit lonely and depressing. I guess I like a little human presence on the ski hill, especially for the kids.

This is what is beautiful about S6. On the days we go, A&N’s friends are there in droves from the school program. The hill is not too crowded, but for a change A can ride the chair with her buddies while N and I go up together. It works beautifully. I don’t deny that I love to ski myself, but that’s another story.

Anyway, when I broached the possibility of skiing with R, she was not enthusiastic about it, but she also wasn’t vehemently against it, either. Good enough for me. Normally I would have balked because I felt guilty, but the season is winding down, and our time in ski Eden was coming to an end.

The fact that S6 is on the expensive side doesn’t help, either. Whaleback has amazing deals, but S6 we were dishing out the big bucks. I figured that this might be the last time we skied this season. We knew our friends the Hs would be there, so A would get to hang with CH, our buddy.

It turns out it was his birthday, and in celebration of it all, his uncle showed up. His uncle is none other than JH and his magic bag of tools, sans tools, of course. Talk about a bonus, we were going to get to spend the day with the Hs on the hill. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The weather was beautiful, a little on the cool side, but sunny with very little wind. No complaints here. N and I got to hit the more challenging terrain because A was free to ski with her buddies, and N now had poles, so he was ready to tear it up. We had a great time, and we all re-convened at the base of the hill.

The added bonus to it all is that we may get some group discounts the next time we ski. We saw our good friend SS and he said we should join their group. I asked who should I talk to, and he said he was the man. Fabulous. Also, it was CH’s birthday, and next Thursday just happens to be A’s birthday, and we might very well celebrate in a similar manner. I love that. Next week they’re supposed to have a bit of a soiree after skiing, as well.

We had a great day, and hit the lodge for hot cocoa before piano/drum lessons. We bought one for CH for his birthday. The day worked out beautifully, and all because we decided to just do it rather than torture ourselves over whether we should or shouldn’t, and then do nothing about it. Just think, if we hadn’t gone skiing, we wouldn’t have experienced all those good vibes. I acknowledge that I’m probably justifying my desire to go skiing, but you can’t deny that things don’t happen unless you take action. Otherwise, you spend the rest of your life wishing you had and wondering what might have happened if you had just tried.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Karl-Erik Bennion for the pic.

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