Monday, March 21, 2011

In Traction

My back injury seems to have worsened to the point where I'm completely disabled and bed-ridden. Suddenly things seem to be serious. I literally spent the past few days not only unable to get out of bed, but in excruciating pain, as well. I don't think I can even make it into the car to see the doctor. Today is Monday, and I managed to make it out of bed and downstairs, with the help of my trusty walking stick that I got years ago in NYC. It sure is coming in handy now.

The amateur diagnosis seems to be a disc problem, either herniated or slipped. Whatever be the case, it sure hurts. I can't sit upright, walk, or for that matter, stand. Even lying in bed can be painful if I'm not in the right position. Sleeping is a chore.

Needless to say, this complicates life significantly, because there is so much to do around the house, not to mention at work. Life has literally come to halt, and R has had to pick up the slack at a difficult time because she's writing a grant and now has to worry about domestic duties. If I could just get on my feet, I could cover some of these things, especially cooking. This is also a bummer because N had a dentist's appointment that we had to cancel, we have loads of food shopping to do, and I not only have tons of work to do around the house with Spring on the way, but I also have work to do in the lab. We were on such a roll.

Either way, no sense in whining, I'm feeling a little better, and can actually stand and walk about ten steps before the pain really sets in. Talk about miserable, not to mention bad timing. Then again, is it ever a good time to suffer in miserable pain?

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Russell Weller for the pic.

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