Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally Achieving Closure

I had fully intended on hanging up our skis and putting them in storage after this last trip to the Whale. I even told the Hs and SS that we weren’t going to make it to S6 on Thu because I figured we were done with skiing. A had said she was burned out, I wasn’t sure how R would feel if I told her we were going to ski again, and the weather was getting poor. A lot of the smaller hills are closing this weekend, so the writing was on the wall.

Little did I know that on Thursday morning, the weather turned out beautiful, if not downright hot. A woke up and said she wanted to ski, after all, and I got an encouraging email from SS about skiing with them. Say no more. N is always up for hitting the slopes, and I gently presented it to R in a way that she was fine with it. Woo-hoo, we had the green light and were ready to go.

It was a really sunny and warm day, hovering near the 60s, and the conditions were amazing. Sure, the snow was soft, but that made it easier to ski the tough runs. We literally had to take off our coats and ski in sweater shirts, and even then A got overheated.

We had a great day, I was stoked to get one last day of skiing in, and feel that I can finally get some closure on the situation, i.e., we can put our skis in storage and get ready for Spring. I’m grateful, however, that we got in our last hurrah.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Glen Jeffreys for the pic.

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