Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Vibes from Blue Mountain Guitar

I don’t know much about musical instruments and I find the whole process of shopping around for them intimidating on a number of levels. First off, instruments are expensive, which immediately them them a big issue for the likes of me. Secondly, an instrument is a very personal issue, and require some thought and investigation. And thirdly, musical instruments are an esoteric purchase that entail the knowledge and personal input of the musician.

In other words, I have no idea what makes an instrument good or bad. They all look and sound good to me. I can’t play a $1000 guitar (I can’t play any guitar, for that matter) and tell you how much better it sounds than a $100. Again, they all sound fine to me.

This, of course, will make the search for A’s new guitar all the more challenging, but we have time on our side. Since we’re not in a hurry, we have time to initiate the standard research protocols (i.e., 24/7) and gather as much information as we’ll need to make an informed decision.

With this in mind, I’d just like to mention that I really like the guys at Blue Mountain Guitar. They’re always so nice, helpful, and knowledgeable, they don’t make me feel as clueless as I know I really am, and they always give off good vibes. Case in point: we needed a guitar case for my guitar since A is more than likely going to play it at her lessons. We can’t show up with a guitar and no case, it doesn’t look good.

Either way, I called them and they have gig bags that he quoted for $50. Not too bad, so we headed over, and while we were there, he showed us some smaller body guitars that would work for A. She got to strum them and check them out. We spoke at length, and there was no pressure in the process. When we paid for the bag, I believe he cut us a break on the bag. They also know us there, N used to take drum lessons so we were there every week.

I was stoked, those guys are so cool, and I felt comfortable talking about something I’m fairly ignorant about. To top it off, there was a guy trying out a drum set and N got a huge kick (inspiration, perhaps?) out of watching him jam. As a parent, you just can’t beat the times when you see your kids inspired, it’s what parenting is all about.

So, many good vibes from Blue Moutain Guitar on many levels. A’s teacher is encouraging of buying a guitar from Hanover Strings, but they are definitely more high end. I know we’d probably get a higher quality instrument from there, but it’s much more expensive, and we’d have to weigh all the factors. As much as I’d like to save money, I also think with certain things, you should get something good to last you a lifetime (wow, did I just say that?).

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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