Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Day at the Whale?

It saddens me to say that we may have skied our last day at Whaleback (WB). There were perfect Spring conditions and the skiing was great. N and I even went for the face which we found out later was a double black diamond, yikes. We saw some snowboarders going down it and that was a big mistake. They ended up taking their boards off and walking down, it’s really not a good snowboarding hill.

There are several skiers that seem to be affiliated with WB and they are amazing to watch. They can do all sorts of tricks, and can tackle the most challenging of terrain. I asked one of them where he learned, and he said WB has several programs that teach kids to ski like that, and of course N was interested. He’s only 7, however, and certain people might not be so keen on the whole idea.

Either way, we got there early, had lunch, and had a great day of skiing. The hill was empty as usual, but that didn’t matter. We skied for several hours and then went to A’s lesson. I’m glad we finally experienced WB this season, and look forward to next Winter. They actually have all sorts of Summer programs, as well, so we’ll see.

One final note, in an effort to keep up with N and be a hip dad, I made the mistake of taking several jumps with him. They were fun, but I think they pounded by spine, because now my back is killing me. You play, you pay, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Alexandre Caliman for the pic.

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