Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walking Blues

Way back when R and I first started going out, I mentioned to her that I thought it would be cool to have a walking stick. What I meant was one of the Tolkien-esque staffs that wizards use to conjure up spells and send lightning bolts through their enemies. One year for Christmas, she got me an actual walking stick, which was a really beautiful piece of hand carved wood, but not something that I would necessarily use on a regular basis.

No longer is this the case. Since my back injury, I can’t live without this thing. I walk everywhere with it, and use it to help me kneel down and get out of chairs. I even use it when I go to the bathroom, but that may be getting too personal.

Either way, I love my walking stick, it’s amazing. It even helps me to open the stove and feed in more wood, and I haven't tested this out, but I'm guessing it would make a good weapon for fending off attackers. Talk about a multi-purpose tool.

Thanks for reading.

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