Friday, March 4, 2011

Back at the Whale and Suffering for Our Supper

We couldn’t miss out on skiing at our favorite hill, Whaleback, especially on Vegas Tuesdays. The weather was pretty good, though the day before we had the crazy freezing rain, and then it got cold overnight so the conditions could have been icy. To their credit, the crew at WB did a fine job on the hill, and the snow was great.

As usual, the crowds were thin, and though it’s nice to have the hill all to yourself, I have to confess to liking more people around. Call me crazy, but I feel that having bodies on the hill makes for a more interesting ski experience, especially when your survival depends on avoiding them.

We had a blast, and N is really coming into his own in terms of skiing the moguls. He really tears them up, and leaves me behind to eat his dust, or in this case, his snow. At some point I told him that I couldn’t handle these runs, at least not with my poles, and he went them all by his lonesome. I felt bad leaving him to fend for himself, and went with A down one of the more manageable runs. I figured that I’d have to wait for him at the bottom while he struggled his way through the rugged terrain.

Well, if you can believe this, when A and I got to the bottom of the hill, who should be standing there waiting for us but N. He’d zoomed through the moguls and beat us down. When I asked him how he’d come down so quickly, he said he can ski much faster when he doesn’t have to stop and wait for me. Good old dad, holding back progress once again.

The hill was open until 7:00, though it seems too cold to night ski. However, as Spring conditions start to prevail, I would be more inclined to night ski. We’ll see where that one goes. We got our cocoas and headed over to the big city for A’s guitar lesson. From there, the plan was to meet mom and have supper at Tuck. The only problem was, we couldn’t find parking, and ended up searching for quite a bit before parking about 1/2 mile away and walking in. We had a nice meal, but in retrospect realized it was more work than it was worth, and probably won’t be doing that again.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Alex Bruda for the pic.

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