Sunday, March 27, 2011

Up and Walking

With the help of R and the kids, I’ve managed to regain a level of mobility, and by extension, some degree of my life back. I’ve even been going back into work, which can be a bit of a challenge because being on me feet all day can take a toll on the spine. Also, getting in and out of the car is difficult, but not impossible. Makes you realize the benefit of big SUVs that you don’t have to stoop and bend over to get into.

The fact that I’m back on my feet and functioning also makes me wonder if it was in fact a slipped disc that put me out of commission, only because I get a sense those things don’t heal so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not 100%, and the pain was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, but I was worried that I’d be laid up for weeks, a thought that is extremely hard to fathom. I’m grateful to have come this far. It’s also a good thing that ski season is over (wah!) because I don’t have to wrestle with the desire to hit the slopes vs. destroying my back.

Whatever be the case, I’ll take it easy, which means no karate for a week or so, and more stretching. I’ve been wrestling with a tight back for some time now, and this may be the culmination of things building up. Time to take action.

We’ll see how things progress. For now, I’ll take it really slow. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Robert Linder for the pic.

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