Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Guitar Saga Continues

Unable to avoid my OCD on the guitar front, I’ve been trying to do some research and have come up with some more information, not to mention more advice from the pros. We went to a recital/performance the other night at NT’s house, and the artists, Travis Knapp and Polly Wood, were outstanding. It was a really nice concert, and they sang so beautifully and with such passion. Such a talented duo, and she homeschools her daughter.

Anyway, A got to perform a couple of songs, and Travis let A play her guitar, which like mine is a Takamine, though much nicer. A actually liked it, even though it was a full sized guitar. I asked him his advice about Seagulls, and he said they were nice guitars but he didn’t have a lot of experience with them. In the end, he thought it was a good choice for her. I mentioned that a liked playing his guitar, and he said of all the guitars he’s played, this one had great “action,” which I think relates to the ease of play. I’ve been told similar things about my guitar.

I also broached the subject with DC of Yellow House Media, the local music guru and performer extraordinaire. He said that he’s impressed with the lower end guitars made in Asia (Samick) and thinks they would be fine They sell these at Blue Mountain, the working man’s guitar store. He does not know a great deal about Seagulls, but he is good friends with EE, A’s new teacher, and he even offered to try out the guitar the next time he’s over there. So now I have two experts who said they’d do this (DC and AG), which begs the question, which one of them will actually come through?

And finally, the one person who I would have asked in the first place never returned my messages, which naturally made me assume she was mad at us. KR is our good friend and A’s old teacher, and we don’t see her as much since we started going to EE, at her suggestion, mind you. I didn’t know if she was actually mad, but by ending our learning association, I wasn’t sure if we were ending our social association, as well. Either way, I never heard back from her.

She finally did respond, and made the usual apologies and said she wasn’t mad at us, though I think she sort of was, but won’t dwell on it. Either way, she’s a guitar aficionado, and would have, without question, been the first person I would have talked to about guitars, if she didn’t hate us. Now that we’ve reconnected, I can open up this area of discourse. I’m interested in knowing what she thinks.

I’m still leaning towards to the Seagull. R has not given her consent, but has expressed some support, so all hope is not lost.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to a1977 for the pic.

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