Friday, March 25, 2011

More "Feeling Unworthy"

During my short but painful convalescence, the kids were simply fantastic about helping out and not being a burden. It really makes me feel unworthy at times, but you do the best you can, right?

Not only did they help out around the house, making their own breakfasts and lunches, cleaning up, and building the fire in the morning, but they also gave me a special two-headed back-scratcher that they adapted from our original back-scratcher. They attached a disc with a rough edge to scratch those wide surfaces. They also made me a get-well card that came with five coupons that I was told I could redeem over and over.

The coupons are for things like one day of chores, a back massage, and breakfast in bed. How can you beat that? Sometimes they're so cute it brings a tear to my eye.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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