Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guy’s Days Out

Since A has been at video camp all week, N and I were hanging out and spending the day together, trying to stay out of trouble. It’s fun just hanging with the guys because we get to do guy things like play sports and eat guy food. One day we went to the driving range and N got to try out his new clubs, or rather, his old clubs with the snazzy new grips. The owner of Amy’s Range, Amy, was telling us that the grips on some of his clubs were adult sized and made it harder for him to grip. He was choking up to make it easier.

She said they made junior grips and she ordered them for us and even put them on. They’re actually really cool looking, and I think N is excited about them. Now I’m not a golfer (I just play one on TV), not like N, but one thing I do enjoy is going to the driving range. I just bring a driver and hit them as far as I can, but N tends to use his different clubs for different drives. He’s just like a pro.

It’s fun, and the driving range is covered, so even though it’s hot, you can get some shelter from the blazing heat. Plus, the range is ideally located near such manly destinations as Home Depot and Ziggy’s Pizza, as well as Fore-U Ice Cream, but we’re not eating ice cream these days (boo-hoo!). After the driving range, we went to Ziggy’s Pizza, which isn’t part of our new eating plan, but sometimes you just have to break the rules, especially with kids. It was nice because not only was the place air conditioned, but the Olympics were on.

After lunch, we got some chocolate at the Lindt store, then picked up and went home. It was a nice day of male bonding. You just can’t put a price on those moments.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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