Monday, August 6, 2012

Video Camp

Last week A did her second week of video camp, and I think we have a winner. She really enjoyed it, and she got to mingle with quirky kids who have an interest in creative endeavors as well as digital media. It’s a great opportunity to have fun while learning modern digital filmmaking techniques. Best of all, she really loved it.

This second time around the class was much bigger, with a larger mix of girls, most of whom were older than A. Last time she was the only girl and it was a small group, which worked out nicely because they had fun working together and got to do more as individuals. This time around, they had at least twice as many kids, placing greater demand on things like cameras and computers for editing. This did, however, make the group more diverse and as a consequence, the overall experience more interesting, perhaps. My take on it, based on A’s comments, was that there were rewards to both situations.

In the end, A raved about the camp, she really enjoyed it, and I think it suits her well. She gets to be creative in writing scripts and filming the movie, she gets directorial experience in guiding the film, not to mention working cooperatively with the other kids. She can express herself in acting, which she is good at doing, and finally, she gets a lot of experience working with computers and software to edit the movies. Best of all, she enjoys every step of the process, so it’s a great experience, especially since the kids who thrive in this environment tend to be creative and quirky, not necessarily the captains of the football team or the head cheerleader. That’s fine with us.

They had their “premiere” last Friday, and we all went to watch the films. They all did a great job, I was so impressed with the level of creativity and how well all the films turned out. What a great camp! The stories were wonderful, the acting hilarious, and all in all, the films were thoroughly enjoyable. I laughed the entire time. Afterward they had a little “Academy Award” type ceremony and then it was over, but we hope to get her involved in more activities like this in the future. Somehow film speaks to A more than being onstage, though she is good at theater, as well.

After the premiere, we still had time to make it to our HH’s party, which we thought we were going to miss, and then off to the farmer’s market. Talk about being busy. The day was scorching hot, as well, though not as hot as Ohio. Fortunately, HH has a small pool, so A&N got to swim and cool off.

What a nice way to end the week. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to great_buffalo_hunter for the pic.

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