Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TCOB (School Business, that is)

Taking care of business, as they say. I scrambled to get our homeschool enrollment packets into the state. Even though the deadline is in about a month, we needed to get it in sooner for assorted reasons. For the record, this is by the far the earliest we’ve submitted, and it’s kind of nice getting it out of the way. Enrollment is a multi-stage process, because not only do we have to indicate to the state that we want to enroll our kids, but we have to create and submit the curriculum, as well as have the kids evaluated and then send in the end of year documents. As I’ve said before in the past, homeschooling is definitely not the easy way to do things, but you are definitely plugged into your kid’s education, no question about it.

This year the state has indicated that they won’t tolerate slackers, so we had to get our act together. This meant spending the last week gathering up all of last year’s school work, summarizing it, and then having evaluations done. Luckily our man, DE, was available this week, so all was good. After doing all that, I then had to write up the lesson plan for next year and submit that to the state. It takes a bit of time, but there is some enjoyment to giving a lot of thought to what your kids are learning.

I got the stuff into the state, met with DE for evaluations, and wrapped it all up. One thing that has made life a little easier is A’s involvement with the DCF book club, because it gives us a concrete list of books that she’s reading and it going to read. This has always been a sticky issue with me, coming up with book lists. A reads a bunch, but it’s hard to keep a list of everything she reads. This way, it’s easy to consult the DCF book list.

In the end, it’s all done, and now we just sit back and wait to hear about all the things I’ve screwed up. Hopefully it won’t be too painful.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to call-small for the pic.

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