Friday, August 17, 2012

What’s Up With UF?

We were out and about last weekend and went to great lengths to be home in time for ultimate frisbee, but when we went over, the crowd was pretty sparse. We even saw the man, JM, at the field, but he said he had to leave and couldn’t play. Kind of a bummer. It ended up being three adults and several kids, but a pretty thin group, and we didn’t have the field gear that JM brings. We played for a bit, then a large chunk of the group had to leave, so we ended up just hanging out and then leaving. It made me wonder what’s up with UF, and what the future holds.

I was talking to AG and he mentioned that some people were not as into it because so many young kids were out there slowing things down, but come on. We were all at that stage at some point, I still am. They’re learning and they represent the future of UF, we have to encourage and support them. Plus, our kids are the only reason I’m out there. If they lost interest, I’m not sure I’d continue to go.

In all fairness, the guys who are amazingly good probably need more of a challenge, but for many of the adults, it works out just fine. They just haven’t been coming, which is a bummer. I know people are busy and have things to do, but it’s just a bummer when something you love begins to fade away.

On a bright note, AG sent out a mass email reminding people that UF was happening, and there was a good crowd with a good mix of youngsters, neophytes, and pros, so we had fun. It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to wildcatjon2000 for the pic.

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