Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July and Old Home Day

Sometimes the weather is so crazy that it actually throws you a bone now and then, whether you want it or not. It has been raining endlessly for the past month, this is not an exaggeration, and the whole world seems sodden and gray. The house is damp and sticky, the yard is soaked to the core, the garden is suffering from lack of sun (as are we), and the overall mood is just a bit of a downer. When we check the weather, it's just more of the same bad news, with the ten day forecast calling for thunderstorms for the entire time. Crazy weather, I tell you.

Anyway, yesterday we finally caught a break, the sun broke out and the day was actually quite nice. Of course I managed to whine a little about the heat, but what do you expect from a whiner? I'm working on it. Either way, the day was nice, it was great to see the sun, and we were able to enjoy the day. The forecast called for rain and thunder on the 4th, and we could only wait and see. Well, this morning, wouldn't you know it, but the weather looks beautiful. At the very least it's not raining, and we'll take it. It rains every 4th because I always wonder if there'll be fireworks, but at least it's not raining now. Then again, this means we'll have to do the parade, which the kids are thrilled about, but I'm perhaps not as enthused about. Of course, I'd never let on to that, and I'll just deal with it like an adult, which means I'll bitch and whine.

Either way, it seems like many of the people responsible for getting things done actually weren't getting things done, for assorted reasons, I'm sure, and we ended up tying up some loose ends. Then again, it ain't over til it's over. We scrambled yesterday to make tied-dye shirts and it was actually a lot of fun and a lot easier than I'd imagined, though we have to perfect our craft. It turned out well, nonetheless, and we made a bundle of them. It could be cool if things work out.

Needless to say, there's a lot going on and we'll be pretty busy today. I'm going to put on my best face and not be negative, because the reality is, it's going to a long day, but in a beautiful way. How's that for optimism? I'm still not sure how the whole T-town thing will pan out, but I really enjoy cavorting with the T-town crowd and meeting the community. I also feel somehow more integrated with the community and like all the people. So I shouldn't be such a baby.

The kids were great yesterday, and really had fun helping out. We ran all around town assembling supplies to make the shirts and get ready for Old Home Day. Hope the weather holds up and stays beautiful. Note more of the optimism, I'm on fire here.

We need to get ready this AM and prep for the day, then it's off to the parade. I'll give you an update on how things went, should see a lot of familiar faces, the list gets long every year, which is a beautiful thing.

Happy 4th to all, and thanks for reading.

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